Ten thousand hair Pregnant woman toothbrush

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✨✨ TEN THOUSAND hair  toothbrush😍

  • Special toothbrush - Unique 10000-hair design, micrometer filament diameter, light, soft and dense hair, thoroughly cleaned, perfect for dental sensitive people, pregnant after birth and elderly people.

  • 360 degree clean - The fine hair contacts can effectively penetrate the blind area of the tooth gaps, clean the process, block and remove oral pollutants.
  • Oral - The cleaning position also plays an important role in oral cleaning. Correct the wrong cleaning posture. In the meantime, the anti-slip ring can avoid the cleaning process. The toothbrush slips out and causes oral trauma.
  • Zero Stimulation - Soft damping, gentle message, care for your delicate gums and provide more care.


  • With 10000 super fine, soft breasts you can remove small cracks between your teeth thoroughly.
  • Massage and brush your teeth without hurting yourself. High quality materials, easy to grasp between the teeth.

  • Minimalist design handle, with slip-resistant make it easy to grasp and operate.
  • Feathers soft as feathers, brittle gum, deep cleaning, gentle massage, care for young teeth.
  • These toothbrushes are a great opportunity for children who are pregnant after birth and have sensitive teeth to brush their teeth.
  • It's easy to do. Develops good oral hygiene early, prevents caries later and protects oral hygiene


    • Size: 18.5*1.6*1.7cm
    • Weight: 25.5 g
    • Material: Environmentally friendly antibacterial hair + ABS handle


    1 * Ten thousand hairs toothbrush (PVC box)