Squishy Splat Toy
Squishy Splat Toy
Squishy Splat Toy
Squishy Splat Toy
Squishy Splat Toy
Squishy Splat Toy
Squishy Splat Toy
Squishy Splat Toy

Squishy Splat Toy

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Just smash on this Squishy Splat Toy!!

This adorable thing relieves stress off from the real world where adults like you belong by letting you travel back in your childhood times.


  • Extremely cute appearance – You can’t just simply avoid looking at them and don’t feel amazed when you see these lovely pigs. Who could resist such sweet creatures by the way?
  • Comes back to life ALWAYS – Splaaat it! Throoow it! Ahh, those poor little things… Just kidding, they will always return to their original charming shape even if you splat them many times!
  • Makes a good home decor – Put them in your workspace, sofa table, bathroom, bedside or wherever you want to spread cheerful vibes around your surroundings.
  • Safe to play – With their overloaded cuteness, you probably think that they will not do evil things. And that’s undeniably true because they don’t have chemicals which are harmful to you.
  • Perfect gift for stressed fellows – For some reason, your boss has this habit of shouting every single day. And it’s so annoying. Why don’t you share some of these to shut his mouth off?


  • Material: Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Weight: 70g
  • Size: 5*6*8cm
  • Color: Sent at random color.


  • 1* Squishy Splat Toy
  • 3* Squishy Splat Toy



Can not touch the toy with sharp objects.